LED-Technology - Future of lighting design

LED (light emitting diodes) open new, innovative possibilities and perspectives in general lighting. Where conventional luminous are reaching their limits, the LED shows a valuable problem solution and excellent alternatives.

Light-emitting diodes are based on semiconductor compounds, which convert the current directly into light.
In contrast to conventional light bulbs / fluorescent lamps, a LED is beaming light - according to material - in a certain colour*.

The advantages of this technology are clear:

  • extremely long life span
  • low power consumption
  • small dimensions
  • low heat generation
  • excellent colour saturation
  • highly resistant to vibration and shock

Because of these special features the results for the consumer are remarkable:

  • creative design options for innovative lighting solutions
  • high economic efficiency with low servicing expenditure
  • maximum reliability in the function

Specific and highly flexible use put the conventional light technology in the shade. The LED adapts itself to the idea and the design; the ideal base for creative light solutions.

Therefore LED - therefore LI-EX.


* White light is generated by using a blue LED with a phosphor coating. The coating emits a yellow light when the blue light from the LED shines on it. The right mix of the yellow light with the blue light forms the white light.


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